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Whiskey tango foxtrot

'Happy birthday Crookshank, how ‘bout a cup of SUCK IT THE F**K UP!?’ 



Based on the true story of ex-Airwoman Crookshank’s time serving in the Royal Air Force protecting the UK Air Defence Region, charting her journey from basic training to the Falkland Islands. She celebrates friendship, awakens her creativity, and uncovers the dark truths about sexual harassment and bullying in the armed forces. A heart-warming tale of courage and survival.


Per Ardua Ad Astra - through adversity to the stars... 


'Add Rebecca Crookshank onto your list of women who have been unafraid to speak out.'

—  The New Current

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot highlights the challenges women face in being defined by their gender and celebrates the wonderful women who forged a path for others. When Crookshank left the RAF she knew it was time to pursue her dream of doing something creative. She says, "Exploring our identity is a life-long challenge. Reinventing yourself and finding a voice in such a disciplined environment as the military is unique – it has inspired me to create some art which I think makes for an interesting story."


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has been supported by Arts Council England, RAFTA, the RBL Women’s Section and the Stage One new producers Bursary scheme.


Warning: Contains weapons, strong language and penguins.

Nominated in the Broadway World AwardS FOR
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