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Rebecca has been commissioned to adapt the 2012 film ‘Compliance’ by Craig Zobel for stage. Research and Development with director Whitney Mosery took place in New York culminating in the first workshop of the script.


Compliance is a 2012 American thriller film written and directed by Craig Zobel, based upon a strip search phone call scam that took place in Mount Washington, Kentucky, in which the caller, posing as a police officer, convinced a restaurant manager to carry out unlawful and intrusive procedures on an employee. Rebecca was commissioned by Producer Andrew Bendel to adapt this into a stage production directed by Whitney Mosery.  The first development workshop was shared at Primary Stages New York in October 2019. 

Compliance invites complicity, and challenges complacency. Pick up, it’s for you… 

“It was the shocking story and unbelievable surveillance video that riveted the nation. A young McDonald's employee humiliated, forced to strip and then to perform a sexual act in the back office, during her working day…

Ogborn was called into assistant manager Donna Summers’ cramped office and told that Summers was on the telephone with a police officer... Summers says she never second-guessed what she was being asked to do, as she firmly believed the person she was talking to was a police officer. Ogborn says she trusted her manager to do what was right…

When a Mount Washington Police Detective began the process of trying to figure out who the caller was... he discovered that calls like this have been going on for more than 10 years. Ogborn, it turns out, was only the latest in a long line of victims.”

(ABC News, November 30, 2006)

This really happened. Not once or twice but 70 times. The shocking nature of this very real call and the multiplicity of its victims confronts us with the realization that any one of us could be a target, and any one of us could be a perpetrator. That’s either horrifying, or comforting in its solidarity. Compliance is a theatrical experience for a post-MeToo, post-Brett Kavanaugh, post-Trump world. And it asks us to reckon with what, if anything has changed.


Van/Supplier/Robbie: Max Baker

Actor/Gray: Sandra Caldwell

Avery: Abby Corrigan

Sandra: Marcia DeBonis

Kevin: Mateo Ferro

Daniels: Steve Haggard

Nikhil/Reporter: Nicky Maindiratta

Marti: Adrianna K.Mitchell


Stage Manager: Abigail Strange

Assistant Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Fouts

Sound Designer: Bart Fasbender

Mentalist: Vinny DePonto

Assistant Director: Victoria Davidjohn

General Management: ABS Productions

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