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Secretions Reading

Secretions of the Lac Beetle - a new play in development - was researched and developed with the support of the Artist International Development Fund, British Council Vietnam, Vietnamese Women’s Museum and Arts Council England. The play received its first UK reading at The Park Theatre in November 2019.

Initially Rebecca was inspired to visit Vietnam by her own experiences in the military and her interest in the ultimate warrior women. The result has been a spiritual one where these meetings, dialogues and research residencies generously supported by the British Council and the Vietnamese Women’s Museum eventually led Rebecca to the Mother Goddess ritual and temple. Mother Goddess worship is a UNESCO recognised ritual which induces incarnations, celebrates community and matriarchal worship. The script, like the ritual continues to rebirth through many incarnations and the reading in November at The Park Theatre was directed by Rebecca’s Old Vic mentor Tamsin Oglesby and starred Teowa Vuong as the MOTHER GODDESS, Lan Maika as LAM, Sophie Melville as EDIE and Erin Doherty as KAYA. The development of this play so far has walked hand in hand with Rebecca's personal journey towards motherhood. There has never been a more uncertain time for live work, but the script will continue to evolve. More news soon.


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